Crissi has been such a help to me, and my horses. Her kind way of teaching and the effect she has on horse and human are both calming and effective. I find the simplicity of her explanations about things that used to confuse me invaluable. 

Deb Larrity 


Crissi knows the hearts of horses. She gifts her students with deep insight and clear communication about how they may align their own hearts with their horses' hearts for the ultimate partnership based on trust and love. A win/win for all of us!

Hunter Purdy, RN, HNB-BC, HWNC-BC

Crissi has a sharp eye for detail and an inherent sense of practical relationships. She can pick out a small movement from the human that is creating a subtle change in the horse. By combining small movements with intention and a sense of smooth communication, I was able to create a stronger bond with my horse and at the same time bring a softer side of my own personality forward. Hallelujah!

Mary Smid-Newman, MA



​Heartline Horse Training

I first met Crissi at a Mark Rashid clinic, and she helped me in ways other than in just horsemanship. Crissi is what I can only describe as pure sunshine. She helped me believe that a "weakness" was not something to be ashamed of, but was a gateway to new discoveries, that something I did not know was not to be "hidden" but instead was to be explored. 
Crissi taught me something far more important that equestrian technique, she empowered me to set off on my own discoveries, with an open heart. 
It was a life-changer!

Ruth Dickens