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Horse Services


As an instructor and trainer with over thirty years of experience, I am passionate about educating and helping people understand horses. In 2017, I graduated from the Masterson Method program, and am currently a Masterson Method Certified Practioner. Offering horses bodywork and seeing the relaxation they experience is one of the ways I hope to give back to the horses we've brought into our lives. While I mostly work on horses at clinics, I'm occasionally available here in Colorado. Feel free to reach out and ask!

Indie Publishing Services


Are you a woman (or woman identified) writer who would love to release your book into the world, but feel overwhelmed by all the indie publishing options?

My friend Anna Blake and I started an indie publishing company in 2019, and have helped many women make the leap from writer to author!  Come visit us at Lilith House Press and see how simple it can be. 


Developmental Editing and Beta Reading

Need a beta reader or developmental editor? I can do that too! Not only do I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with a minor in German and English, but I'm also the author of three Indie books that are all highly rated on Amazon.  I was a contributor for a year to the popular UK magazine, Horsemanship Journal, and have had articles published in Bark, a nationally syndicated periodical featuring all things dog. I've been a beta reader and offered developmental editing services for the past five years. Are you looking for an educated reader who will provide feedback that is kind, clear, and useful? Use the contact form to get in touch!


Crissi McDonald is that rare combination -- both a talented writer AND a discerning editor, critical reader, AND encouraging coach. I know, because she has helped me immeasurably with my own writing. As an author, I've come to rely on Crissi for constructive feedback at every stage of the creative process, from brainstorming those first tentative wisps of a potential story, to structuring the narrative and assessing emotional tone, to banishing every over-enthusiastic adverb. If you collaborate with Crissi, she will help you to shine as a writer, while always honoring your own unique voice. I highly recommend her services.

Sarah V. Barnes,  author of "She Who Rides Horses" 

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