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Clock in the Water Cover 3D.jpg

The Clock
in the Water

Releasing on May 12, 2023!​​ 

In this second book in the “North to Home” series, Nolee and Keet navigate their relationship with each other, and the complex web of otherworldly family dynamics. The Clock in the Water returns us to Osprey Bay, where Nolee has built a life for herself. When Keet arrives back home, their past relationship is still too fresh for her to ignore. As Nolee figures out if she can trust Keet again, abyssal forces are rising, the turbulent waves of the past pulling them into unfamiliar waters. Surprised by the appearance of a family both known and unknown, Keet and Nolee figure out how to deal with the layers of secrets—and pain—that threaten to capsize their quiet lives on Camas Island.   A love story with magical elements, The Clock in the Water grafts together several genres to create a mature and engaging tale about forgiveness and the beauty of the family we choose.

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